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During this holiday season, we are once again offering our beautiful note cards, based on Nicaraguan paintings, at 50% off.  The sale applies both to boxed collections and to your selection of mix-and-match note cards.  In addition, we are taking 50% off our t-shirts and posters.  Sale ends December 31, 2014.

Please take a look at all our sales and regular items.  To get the discount, just enter the coupon code 50off and apply it to your cart at checkout.

If you prefer, you can send in your order by mail by printing and completing the order form found at http://bit.ly/1wG5Wkg  (You will need to compute the appropriate discount and subtract it from the total of your check.)

Feel free to give us a call, too, at (800)746-1160, with any questions.  We will call you back as promptly as possible.   Thank you for your ongoing support of Nicaraguan Cultural Alliance and our work promoting culture and development projects in Nicaragua!


The Nicaraguan Cultural Alliance is a U.S.-based organization that works to support the arts and community development projects in Nicaragua. We believe that art and culture are a reflection of the heart and soul of a people and to support and encourage them enlivens and strengthens the lives of everyone.

NCA strives to build bridges between the creators of art in Nicaragua and those in other places who appreciate and can help sustain this vital element of life. Nicaragua is a poor land rich in visual arts, dance, music and poetry. We provide venues for the sale of Nicaraguan arts and crafts, create opportunities for exhibitions for Nicaraguan artists, and work to support other cultural endeavors.

Proceeds from cultural events and the sale of art works support the Nicaraguan artists and artisans who created these original works, as well as community development projects in Nicaragua.