Pottery-making has been a part of the Nicaraguan culture since pre-Columbian times. Traditionally it was the role of women in a community to hand-build utilitarian vessels out of clay for storing water and for use in cooking. Today, the artisans who make these works of art are either from small women’s cooperatives or family groups who have modified traditional designs and incorporated modern techniques. Many have entered this field to supplement agricultural work.

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San Juan de Oriente is a small community of farmers that began experimenting with the potters wheel several decades ago. Over the past 30 years the pottery of this community has passed through several phases and has evolved into something quite eclectic and beautiful. Many of the potters from this community have received worldwide recognition.

Each vase is a true work of art made from local clay and colored with mineral oxides. The designs are etched or carved by hand and each vase is burnished to produce a beautiful shine and then fired in brick kilns,

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